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Black Label Storage Solutions - LC200 Drawer System Package 'The Wanderer' including battery system package


'The Wanderer' 

This package gives you everything you could need for your week long adventures. This package includes a two stacked drawers, double extension slide out tables, large void for the Evakool 40lt drawer fridge, full wing kit and a full width slim compartment behind.  Evakool drawer fridge is included in this package.  

The fridge cavity is well ventilated through two large vents on the rear and on the side of the drawer system.  Fixing for the 200 series Landcruiser's is simple, the system picks up on the factory outer bolts for the rear seat mounting brackets.

Battery system package

This complete unit comes with a 200ah Allspark lithium battery, Redarc 40A DC Charger, Allspark 2000W Inverter all monitored by Victron's BMV-712 battery monitor with blue tooth connectivity.  Includes tailgate lighting, various USB and accessory sockets on the rear wings and four rocker switches. Includes Safiery twin induction cooktop built into the second stage table.


Width - 1030mm

Depth - 1000mm

Height - 460mm

Weight (including fridge) - 155kg

Manufactured from 12mm Ply with black sealed finish.  All drawers are completely lined with a charcoal liner carpet and externally wrapped in a black vehicle carpet. 

Please note, this system can not be reversed for ventilation purposes on the fridge.